A Bad Ass Clan On WarFrame | Proud Host for the Planetary Alliance

Welcome to Evil Monkeys

Evil Monkeys is a social "voice chat community" on Warframe
Wake up Tenno! The Planetary Alliance

What We Do

We can usually be found in the universe of warframe working of taking complete control over the galaxy while doing some cunning monkey business to overthrow the tyranny of evil empires.

We are one force, we are strong, we are apes!

May the ye bananas always be yellow and ripe!


Who we are

Uhh you are that crazy monkey clan right?

Hell ya, but we like to call us selves the Evil Monkeys clan because we are so bad ass lol,xD. We really like to go bananas and do some crazy monkey stuff sometimes….

Apart for that..

Evil Monkeys is a older clan on WarFrame founded in late 2013 and been around for more than 2 years now, so we have proven that we are a stable clan on WarFrame that will stick around.

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Our mission

Our vision is to create international 24 hours voice chat based clan, consolidating all voice active, mature players around the world with mastery rank of 10 and upwards. We put great emphasis on teamwork and co-operation.

Our goal is to have a very active and social clan environment with very friendly environment where everybody knows each other more or less. You will never be a stranger here and there is no need to play with randoms. Amongst us you are surrounded by friends that you know and not imaginary chat pals...

Wake Up, Tenno!
Wake Up, Tenno!

Our Sweet dojo

Our crib is just as tasty as when you munching a fried banana with hot chocolate sauce toppings dripping down the sweet vanilla ice cream sundae with marshmallows on the top.. Yum!!!!!

Yeah now you want one too, right?

So that is exactly how awesome our dojo is with it's secrets places that you can explore.

We are so nice too, that we give you a sneak peak.



Our clan rules are simple and there are there for a reason. Read them and understand them as they guide you on the right path to be a fierce warrior.

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Wake Up Tenno!

Tenno wake up!
Wake from your cryo sleep, you have slept for so long. For ages now since the old wars. It´s time to wake up....

We are calling out for your help and the tides are turning against our favors. 

The old war ripped worlds apart for the many and our home world earth is not what it used to be.

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Wake Up, Tenno!
Wake Up, Tenno!


[ut_parallax_quote cite=”DreamQuest | Clan funder”] EVIL MONKEYS IS ONE OF THE LEADING AND OLDER WARFRAME CLANS | FUNDED WITH AWESOMNESS IN 2013 [/ut_parallax_quote]

Some yummy pictures

Tasty and steaming hot!

See some dope monkey business warframe style with pictures and screenshot feed from our facebook page, that you can visit by clicking the button below.

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In the heat of battle

So weird stuff happens under the heat of the battle sometimes, and it can turn out to be quite funny sometimes when confusion strikes..


just awesome

You need a awesome team for fast response & team work while you move in battlefield. That's why we use discord as our preferred communications tool.

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If you are a lone wolf then we are not the clan for you. We require our team mates to interact with each other and there should not be a need to go outside the clan. If you consider yourself as a lone wolf then keep on walking down the lonely road...


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Greedy milk, Yum!
Greedy milk, Yum!

Got Milk?


Good because we got some greedy milk for you and the awesome recipe that will make you go crazy bananas and it's to die for.. So sweet and awesome. It your turn tenno to drink out of the grineers skulls, just like Captain Vor, (well or just settle for a bottle).

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