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We are the Evil Monkeys

About us

E vil Monkeys is a older clan and voice chat community, (we use discordapp)  on WarFrame founded in late 2013 and been around for more than 2 years now, so we have proven that we are a stable clan on WarFrame that will stick around. Most of our members are mature player within the age range of +18 up to 40ties.

Huh? People in the in the late 20ties – 30ties plus, playing space ninja game… that is very mature, right?  Ha ha, right.

So we are a very social clan friendly clan with a helpful environment with fun loving people. Both for the newer players and for the veteran players that wish to seek out and find new friends over voice chat.  However we do not accept players under mastery rank 10 anymore due to the fact that we have found this very unstable for the clan. To many players leave before mastery rank 10 and the time and resources have spent on these players have turned out not to be worth while the effort spend from the clan.

(We do like to point that we are aware of that mastery rank doesn’t tell anything about skill, it can however be used as a measure for “commitment” to the game as most players that leave the game will most likely leave the game before that.) 

As a clan, we have over the time we been around, built up a larger alliance consisting of many clans of different sizes spread all across the globe. Right now we have about 22 clans in the alliance. We basically are represented in all the time zones of the world today and have become a force to reckon with.

We are a competitive clan in the sense that we do from time to time events, but it is not our main goal to be on the leader boards, but we do put a lot of emphasis that you interact and team work with your clan mates. As the normal leader boards resets every week and not as many other games where they stay forever or at least resets monthly/quarterly we find them quite pointless to work at. Larger events where the results are not reset is another story.

We have also been participating in the Clan war conflicts aka. Dark Sector Solar Rails since the beginning of it’s creation.

We think that teamwork and socialization through voice communications is the primary key for a successful clan as we can act when needed as one uniform force when needed.

In the end of the day our aims are quite simply to be a leading international clan within the WarFrame community that unifies all voice chat active tennos under one banner. To have an awesome mature community were you can interact with your clan mates and our alliance community and basically hang out in a banana tree have fun!  

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