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Evil Monkeys Rules!

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Clan Rules

T hese rules shall be adhered to at all times, with no discussion. Failure to follow them will result in a instant kick without any further explanation due to breach of the clan rules.

Evil Monkeys and it’s alliance is a international voice chat community , (we use discordapp) that consists group of experienced players that is looking for fun times and gaming on a advanced or higher level of gaming and is currently looking for experienced players to join our forces. Our aim is to create the largest 24/7 voice chat community, combining all international flavors of tenno within game, through the clan and our alliance..


Be Socially active
To join us, you must have the will to a part of a awesome social community and you use voice chat,(Discord) at all times while logged into WarFrame.
Don’t use the in-game text chat
As rule of thumb you should be voice active 95% of the time. We do understand that there are circumstances IRL when you cannot talk. We understand that. But you should be voice active most of the time with your clan mates.The Official text chat is on our Discord server and not the in-game text chat. Everything important and everything related to the game will be published there. The in-game chat is not monitored and should not be used at all. All text communication should be done through our Discord server. If you used it, do not expect any response as all communication should be relayed over voice in the first place.

No lonely wolves
As we are a social clan we do not allow people to just do their “own thing” as we require people to interact and teamwork. If you consider yourself as a solo player and basically just want to run on your own show as the lone wolf, then this clan is not right place for you. So you are lone wolf, don’t waste your time here. Please go solo in the game or join a unsocial clan

Play with the clan
Stick to the clan and team work with your clan mates! There should be no needs to play with randoms outside of the clan. This way you will actually also learn to know people and hopefully makes some new really good friends.

In this clan we help each other out
Don’t charge plat to clan mates for game items, rather give them for free to them and help them out.

  • If you help out and give stuff for free to your clan mates you help yourself and the clan as a community, because you help your clan mates becoming more powerful and stronger, that person can then play higher missions and help you out in-game.
  • Next time when you need a game item like a mod or a part you will have the same benefits too.
  • We all win by doing this, and help each other out and become stronger as a community.
  • This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to sell your in game parts/mods etc. for plat – Just don’t do it in the clan. Sell it for plat to randoms or clan members or the alliance.

Through this “in-game clan economy” we maintain a friendly end helpful environment – any abuse till will dealt with vengeance!


No clan leeching allowed!
You are not allowed to join our clan just to get access to our clan tech. labs, we don’t allow that anyway. Join the clan because you are social being that wish to find new friends, meet really nice people and interact with our community.

The General rule: Don’t be a dick

Meaning in short:

  • Under no circumstances is there any room for trolling, and acting with a childish behaviour. Show mutual respect and treat people the way yourself like to be treated.So be nice and don’t be a ignorant dick!
  • Also it is important to think of that you represent the clan in the public so act responsible and show that you are worthy to wear our badge proudly.
  • No begging for plat and other childish stuff
  • Treat everyone with respect. No racial slurs or idiotic discussions that insult other people. Doing this will for sure get you kicked with 100% certainty

Follow and listen the leaders
Always listen to your senior officers – and follow their command without discussion

Stay active
Minimum 7 seven days of inactivity for newer players. Exception apply to old clan members that have proven their worth by extending the period to 14 days. Exception from the rule can be given by applying for an extension of maximum one month through our forums.

A good stable, fast internet connection
Don’t claim that you have one if you don’t as we will very fast find that out, if that is not the case. Playing from a bad connection ruins the gaming experience for everyone and could ultimately lead you to a kick from the clan and the alliance due to complains from other players.

You must join our Discord voice servers
Be voice active on on our Discord servers at all times when logged into WarFrame.

Don’t quit maps | Teamwork!
When you play with clan bros and don’t exit a game unless everybody in the team/squad agrees to leave. There is no room for ego trips.

We fight together and we leave no one behind.

Read the announcements and important information on Discord
Read and follow the announcements and important information published on the official clan chat, (Discord). We post important information on both our clan server and the alliance server. Make sure you are up to date at all times. There will never be announced information threough the in-game chat. Therefore make sure you are informed.

Interact and help out when needed
Help and interact with your clan bros and help out in every way possible..

Age restriction/Mature players
You must be Minimum +18 years of age. We do not accept kids in the clan. No exceptions.

Minimum mastery level 10
We see the mastery rank as a form of degree to measure your commitment to the game. Most players leave WarFrame before they reach that mastery level. It doesn’t tell or measure the level of skill that a certain player has.

Proficiency in english
You must have English language skills, meaning you must be able to verbally communicate in English in both speech and text. We are a international community that runs 24/7 where you always can find someone to play and interact with and they must be able to understand you too.


Microphone Requirement
A good microphone/headset is a must to be able to use our discord voice server and interact with your clans bros.

Don’t tell our secrets
As we as a clan and alliance participate in the clan wars aka the Dark Sector conflicts we do have information that should not leave the clan or the alliance. Don’t reveal our trade secrets to other rival clan members/clans/alliance members – that will guaranteed get you kicked from the clan if we find out about it.

Stay updated. Visit our website forum often
Be active on our forums here on our website and contribute. It is strongly encouraged to visit the clan forum as often as possible, at least once a week to keep yourself updated and in-speed with the clan and what is happening clan wise. You will find all the information you need to play the game through these two official channels that we provide for you.

Willingness to help
Help you clan mates. Especially with new members so they feel welcomed too. We all been noobs you know..

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