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Well we have a few suggestions below for you to get you started. 

Visit our Clan forum!

Head over to our forum and check out our clan threads in our own clan forums. Our own forum at the website is where we relay information about the clan to our members. Make sure to stay updated and visting both at least once a week. (clan rule). 

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The Tenno Network

Head straight to the tenno network and claim your profile, (just use same login/password as here, you don’t need to create a new one. How cool is that?), and start networking with a other tennos. It works just like facebook, but its just for warframers! Cool stuff, isn’t it?

Yes we think so too!

You find basically everything there that you will need to know to play in the game, and who knows; maybe a friend or two also? 

Go to the Tenno Network

Visit our alliance web site:

You can also visit our Alliance, The Planetary Alliance and check us out there too!

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Fill out your member profile! 

Please fill out your profile and may add a avatar too? You can do it here: 

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If you should have any questions just PM us on the tenno network! See you there and in-game!

Welcome to the Evil Monkeys, we hope you like it here!

Kind regards
DreamQuest, Captain_Underwonder, Kaniero. 


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