PC Update 18.5 is getting closer, which means Devstream 69 is the perfect time for the team to give a peek behind the development veil! Don’t worry, everyone’s decent.

This week we took a look into some of the new enemies and mechanics that will be featured in Update 18.5, including some incredible Kavat animations and a serious upgrade to lighting and smoke FX. If you happened to miss all the action as it happened live you can still watch Devstream 69 on Youtube here(link). There’s a lot of excellent in-progress footage that’s shown off, so we highly recommend it!

Otherwise, let’s get down to business.


TennoCon is happening! We’re still a little light on details for now, but be warned that our first ever all-Warframe celebration will be taking place July 2016 in London, Ontario. Stay tuned for more information in the near future!

Oberon Deluxe Skin

In celebration of the 100th built Oberon by SmallSabba we’re revealing a sneak-peek into our next upcoming Deluxe Skin:

Mag Rework

We don’t have too many details available but we do have a rework that’s being developed for Mag’s Abilities. More info into this polarizing rework should be available on our next Devstream.

Kavat Movement

Kavat development has been ongoing, and we’re making excellent progress on their animations! Our goal is to have these adorable but deadly creatures available on PC in Update 18.5. Be sure to check out Devstream 69 on Youtube to see some of these in-progress animations in action.

Update 18.5 Quality of Life Updates

Several updates are planned to help improve the overall quality of life in Warframe, including but definitely not limited to:

  • Mid-Mission progress saves so that players can recover obtained Mods / loot when reconnecting to a Mission they were disconnected from.
  • Major improvements are being made to smoke FX that will better display local lighting. Smoke moves, takes lights, reactions to explosion force and WF abilities.
  • New weapon holster positions will let players adjust their holster/unholster position on their back or waist, in addition to giving some control over draw animation speed.
  • Fogging, bloom, and shine FX will have a tremendous visual upgrade that should improve the visuals of just about everything in-game. Check out these incredible screenshots below for a glimpse of what’s to come!

Ivara Warframe

Orokin Moon Tileset Expansion

Moon tileset improvement includes pre- and post-Void collapse versions of the Moon. This new tileset will have players moving between the past and present in a lot of exciting and creative ways.

Improved Scaling on Warframe Abilities

We’re always looking to improve synergy and end game viability on Warframe Abilities, and we’ve already made a few big changes to help some Warframes scale better against high level enemies. Players can expect to see more changes to help bring up all Warframes to the same level, and we’ll make sure to let you know who we have in mind as these improvements continue to roll out.

Dark Sector Returns

It’s still too early to talk about, but our Dark Sectors it will be making a return with some major changes. This new Dark Sector will encourage co-operation and competition between Clans in a way that all players can participate. Expect more information as we get closer to a Dark Sector re-release in the future.

Operator Facial Expressions

Operators will be receiving some exciting new facial animations and skin shading FX that should help to improve immersion in Missions with more expressive Operators.

Mummy Warframe

Our yet-to-be-named Mummy Warframe is looking good! We’ve been working hard to tweak his unique set of powers behind the scenes and are sure that he’ll be an incredible powerhouse on the battlefield.

  • Has no shields, but a large health pool.
  • Has the ability to life steal and scale his armor up.
  • Can create minions and use his HP in his ultimate.
  • Has a unique pre-death state that involves his sarcophagus.

Focus Review

  • We’re currently reviewing Focus, with more of an emphasis on fixing bugs than making any more immediate changes.
  • We’re tracking data on how players are collecting Focus and what acquisition rates are.
  • More Focus improvements may come in the future, once we’re satisfied with the progress of our current Focus Update.

General Cleanup

  • Excalibur Plushie is live and available in our Warframe store!
  • The Limited Edition Nyx statue will be available in spring.
  • Round 2 of Tennogen is now live!
  • Players should see the Sheev make a triumphant return in Sorties, most likely in Season 6
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