Warframe | Sands of Inaros Coming soon!

Warframe Sands of Inaros

Warframe | Sands of Inaros

With a new update scheduled for this week, information is being uncovered that shed light on new challenges and features awaiting the Tenno. Be sure to check back every day as new items are added to the this page


The Second Dream unveiled the desolate Moon from The Void. But there was once a time when the Orokin ruled over the Solar System from this prestigious satellite, a home full of awe-inspiring architecture.

The time has come to explore both timelines. Your deft spy skills are called upon as you overcome time-bending challenges on new Moon missions.

warframe update 18.5 new grinner tileset reactors sabotage 2.0

Corpus and Grineer ships have received a substantial upgrade to their reactors – it’s time to discover a new way to Sabotage! Enemy upgrades include new security measures and failsafe cooling systems that will alter the environment as you play.

Choose a unique Sabotage strategy and destroy these new reactors in the improved Reactor Sabotage 2.0. Play to the strength of your squad and take down those ships, Tenno!

Warframe 18.5 New mummy frame

Consume the life of your enemies and embrace a richness of health with Lotus’ newest warrior, Inaros. Use your abilities to siphon the health from those who would defy you, or force their submission by summoning the might of Phobos’ sandstorms. Overwhelm the enemy with Inaros’ final ability, sending minions to both consume their vitality and heal your allies.

Hang on tight Tenno as there is more to come!

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