Tenno, it is time!

Wake Up..

You wake up...

And Apes ruled the earth...

O nce man ruled the earth and our people were only the slaves on mans will and kept us in cages, but the war changed that and they evolved us and the humans reign came to and end. The government of humans; United stated developed and a deadly virus called the technocyte virus and ended with on their own race. It drew them into insanity and horrible pains.

Such are the cruelties of man, they are not apes!

 The technocyte virus first infected the human Hayden Tenno, but it spread like wild fire and in combination with the war brought the humans on their knees and scattered the remains of them across the galaxy. The pain of the Technocyte virues quickly drove them to insanity and they mutated into horrible monsters with techno-organic parts or entire bodies.

 But we.. the apes gained strength and power from the virus and made us faster, stronger, more integrated with our high tech exoskeleton suits and we thrived with it.

Evolution became our revolution against the humans..
Apes ruled the earth all was good, but the long old war forced us to leave to for our strongholds and outpost in the galaxy.

For thousands of years we sleep until our old enemy Natah, sister of the sentient, that now call her self Lotus woke us up for some reason and now guards over us. Now we are now again one united force growing stronger.

Our brothers and sisters are joining us as they wake up; one by one; and we are now the force to recon with. Stronger deadlier and united in a large alliance apes and men, side by side. We fight against the greedy corpus, the war mongering grinners and the remains of the infestation across our galaxies.

Once again the galaxies shall be ruled, by the apes!

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